Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mind-Rain (YA, Adult)

Mind-Rain: Your Favorite Authors On Scott Westerfeld's Uglies Series. Edited by Scott Westerfeld. With original introductions (to each piece) by Scott Westerfield.

Featuring the essays of: Lil Wilkinson, Robin Wasserman, Diana Peterfreund, Sarah Beth Durst, Gail Sidonie Sobat, J. Fitzgerald McCurdy, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Janette Rallison, Linda Gerber, Will Shetterly, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Delia Sherman. And featuring two special short stories. "Beautiful People" by Charles Beaumont. "Liking What You See: A Documentary" by Ted Chiang.

How to review a collection of essays? Each piece is different. Each has a different focus. Some are Shay related, others David or Zane related, and some are all Tally, all the time. Some focus on the science and technology of the Uglies universe. Other focus on the relationships. Others focus on the society and philosophy behind it all.

I enjoyed almost all of the essays. Some more than others, of course, as is only natural. But I will say that almost all of them made me think. They engaged me and had me reevaluating how I felt about the books, the characters, etc. Some introduced new ideas to me. Ways of seeing the books in a whole new way. And so I think that is clearly an indication of success.

I will say that I just love, love, loved the inclusion of those two short stories. "The Beautiful People" is a short story by Charles Beaumont. He wrote in in 1952. And it was adapted for a Twilight Zone episode, Number Twelve Looks Just Like You, in 1964. (Condensed YouTube version below)

You can see all of the episode as well. one. two. three.

Liking What You See: A Documentary by Ted Chiang inspired Scott Westerfeld. It was the inspiration that led to the Uglies books, the Uglies universe. It is a complex, thought-provoking story. And I loved getting the chance to read it. Both short stories are really. Thought-provoking. I'd definitely recommend these two stories to everyone to read regardless of whether or not they've read the Uglies books.

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Zibilee said...

I have been interested in The Uglies series for quite awhile now, but haven't gotten around to reading them. Hopefully soon I can dive in, and when I do, I will be sure to put this one on the list as well.