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Travel the World: UK: The Birth of A Warrior

Ford, Michael. 2008. Birth of a Warrior. Walker Books. 262 pages.

Birth of a Warrior is the second in the Spartan Quest series by Michael Ford. Lysander, a former slave, is continuing his warrior training. The grandson of an important Spartan warrior-leader, he still faces some scorn because of his mixed heritage (half Helot, half Spartan). No doubt about it, Lysander faces his toughest challenges yet within the pages of Birth of a Warrior. For one, he'll be facing the Ordeal. He--along with another warrior-in-training--will under the tutelage of another young warrior (older but not necessarily wiser) be led out into the Wild to see if they can survive. Extremely limited food and water. No cloaks or blankets to shield from the weather. No weapons. Can they survive living off the wild? Can they survive the challenges their guide has for them? Yet as difficult as this Ordeal is, it is almost nothing compared to what's coming. For on the last day, Lysander sees an enemy--the Persians--approaching. He knows this means war. He knows this means death. Not just for the Spartans who seem to welcome both but for the slaves--the Helots--as well.

Lysander has had difficulty in the past getting along with Demaratos. But as they face this Ordeal together--and the coming war--he learns that there are so many more important things to worry about than "liking" the soldier you're fighting besides. Warriors need to trust one another. And Lysander is finally reaching a place--as is Demaratos--where he can.

This is an action-and-adventure-packed book rich--but not too rich that it's inaccessible--in detail.

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I think my husband would really like this book. I am going to point him to this review. Thanks for posting this!