Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Remember the reading group?!

I've just written a survey for members of the google reading group, Reading With Becky. I know a few members are no-email. And I would imagine that a few of those no-email members read the blog--at least on occasion. So I thought I'd share this link to the survey. If you are not a member, but are interested (or potentially interested in joining the group), then look at the survey as well. (If you fill it out, leave a note in the 'other' column saying you're wanting to join.) You'll get a feel of where we stand and if you're still interested, then email me or use the contact form.

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Vasilly said...

I'm interested in joining your reading group. I just filled out a survey.

Annette said...

I am also interested and I filled out the survery.

SnjDebdeb said...

I'd love a link to the reading group if you'd like to send one :-) I did fill out the survey - and I look forward to participating!!