Saturday, December 04, 2010

Weekly Geeks 2010-39: Plans for 2011

This week's weekly geek:
Do you plan on participating in any reading challenges in 2011? Are you planning on hosting any reading challenges? Perhaps you'd like to share an idea for a reading challenge--to see if there is any interest!  Share with us which challenges look tempting to you! (You don't have to "officially" join any of the challenges for this weekly geek. Just let us know which ones you'd be most interested in.) You might want to spend some time browsing A Novel Challenge. Are there any challenges you are looking forward to that haven't been announced yet? Regardless of your challenge plans, are you starting to plan ahead for next year? Do you make lists or goals? Are you a person who enjoys reading more if it is structured? Or are you all about being free to read what you want, when you want?
I did not plan on joining many challenges for 2011. I thought I'd keep it to four or five at most. (Having plans for 2 of Carl's challenges--Once Upon A Time V, R.I.P VI, and two of Katrina's--Fall Into Reading, Spring Reading Thing, and the TBR 2011 challenge (not that it's been announced yet, but still. None of these have been announced yet.) (I'd also find it hard to resist a Classics challenge if Trish were to host it again. And if Our Mutual Read was to continue for 2011, I'd so have to keep up with that one.)

But then I found a few challenges that I couldn't resist. Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge. Victorian Literature Challenge. And though the Civil War wouldn't be my first or second choice, I couldn't resist participating for the third year in the War Through the Generations. And when Chris asked if I'd want exchange book recommendations--I couldn't resist that either. His list for me. My list for him.

The challenges that I haven't joined--but look tempting.

New Author Challenge
YA Historical Fiction Challenge 
First in a Series
Live Life to the Fullest
Dystopia Challenge

I also said that I wasn't going to be hosting any challenges--besides the perpetual ones. (Like Georgette Heyer). Well, I changed my mind.

42 Challenge (2011 Sign-ups!)
A to Z Challenge (2011 Sign-ups!)
Young Readers (2011 Sign-ups!)

And I'm EXCITED to announce a new mini-challenge I'll be hosting. The Connie Willis Mini-Challenge.

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Bev Hankins said...

Do I "plan to" sign up for any reading challenges in 2011? Surely you jest. I'm already signed up for six reading challenges plus your perpetual Georgettte Heyer challenge. Seven if you include The Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge--which I'm sponsoring. So far, I'm signed up for the Gothic Reading Challenge (; the Outdo Yourself Challenge (; What's in a Name 4 (; The Victorian Literature Challenge (; the Off the Shelf challenge ( and the P. G. Wodehouse Challenge (

I'm trying really hard to control myself and not sign up for the British Book Challenge ( so many books that I already plan to read could count here too. (Yes, I admit it, I have a book challenge addiction that seems to keep getting worse.)

chrisa511 said...

I'm so excited about our mutual challenge Becky :D :D :D I just love the books that you've picked for me! And I should totally join your Connie Willis mini challenge now!!! And now you're tempting me with the A to Z challenge!! I didn't want to join any but Carl's challenges and my mutual challenges next year...but the a to z is so much fun as it's more of a fill in the blanks as you go type of challenge...hmm....I may just do it!

gautami tripathy said...

I will do only three challenges!

Here is my Weekly Geeks post!

Amat Libris said...

A Victorian Literature Challenge!

*restrains urge to rush to TBR box*

I'm going to HAVE to sign up for that one. Thanks for providing me with some reading challenge temptation!

Vasilly said...

I;m glad to see you're bringing back the Young Readers Challenge! I hope you join the Graphic Novels Challenge again!