Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Young Fredle (MG)

Young Fredle. Cynthia Voigt. Illustrated by Louise Yates. 2011. Random House. 240 pages.

"I'm not finished foraging," Fredle protested. There was something on the floor behind the table leg. It didn't smell like food, but you could never be sure. Besides, if it wasn't food, Fredle wondered, what was it? 

 Is the book itself as wonderful as the cover? Yes! Young Fredle does NOT disappoint. It was everything I wanted it to be...and more. It was such a delightful book, a fun book. How could anyone not love Fredle, our young narrator? His viewpoint is so wonderful, so charming. Not that this is a cute book without risk or adventure. There is in almost every chapter some reminder that you could become went at any moment. (Went being his word for understanding death and disappearances). He does live in a here today, maybe not there there tomorrow world. Actually, he starts his life as a kitchen mouse. But because of his curiosity, because of his gluttony, he loses his place. (If a mouse shows any weakness, any sickness, any loss of ability in foraging for themselves, then they're pushed out--literally.) So can a kitchen mouse survive outside the house?!

I loved this one. I just LOVED it. Fredle is a great narrator. I loved his viewpoint of the world. I loved seeing the world through his eyes. I did. Everything from his description of peppermint patties to the moon. I would definitely recommend this one!!!

Read Young Fredle
  • If you're a fan of animal fantasies
  • If you're a fan of fantasy for children
  • If you're a fan of mouse stories
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Sherry said...

I like Cynthia Voigt, but this book seems out of character for her. I'll have to check it out.

Buried In Print said...

I hadn't noted this book of hers either, so thanks for the recommendation. I loved Homecoming and the others in that series, as well as some of her standalones. But I do have a soft (furry?) spot for stories about mice, so I'm really curious about this one.