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Dear America: Christmas After All

Dear America: Christmas After All. Kathryn Lasky. 2001/2012. Scholastic. 192 pages.

November 25, 1932
Indianapolis, Indiana 
The Day After Thanksgiving
Mama and Papa believe in cold. That's why I tell Lady we have nothing to fear. You see, Mama and Papa have toughened us up on the sleeping porch. That's where we sleep with no heat and just screens, and not just in summer but all through the fall and beginning again in early spring. We're used to cold. But now we're going to be hardened off for the rest of the year in the rest of the house. You see, Mama and Papa are closing off the dining room and the big library and four bedrooms.

Christmas After All is my first Dear America book, but it won't be my last! I have a feeling I would have loved this series as a kid! The book is set in November and December of 1932. The heroine, Minnie Swift, is one of many in her large family. The Depression has changed things for her family, sacrifices are having to be made, but Minnie is learning to change and adapt with those times. One of the biggest changes is welcoming in an orphan cousin, Willie Faye. This novel does have heart. I enjoyed seeing these two cousins become close; it also works as a nice coming-of-age story for Minnie. Many things may be changing in the family: her dad's unemployment, her sisters growing up and starting to date, etc., but there will always be plenty of love...even if that love is served au gratin. 

I really appreciated the attention to detail. Learning about radio shows and music, comics and books, movies and movie stars, fashion and hair styles. Learning about crafts and hobbies. Her family is very creative and resourceful! And the food!!!! Oh Minnie definitely had opinions on the new recipes. Oh how she hated ASPIC. Not that she was fond of having things au gratin...but tongue aspic--oh, the thought! One of her favorite dishes is Welsh rarebit.

Read Christmas After All
  • If you are a fan of Kathryn Lasky; this story is inspired (in part) by her family history.
  • If you enjoy the Dear America series
  • If you are looking for historical fiction set during the 1930s

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Sherry said...

It is a good series. Scholastic hired some good authors to carry it through, like Ms. Lasky.