Monday, November 05, 2012

The Lady of the Rivers

The Lady of the Rivers. Philippa Gregory. 2011. Touchstone. 464 pages.

 While I didn't particularly love The White Queen, I have really enjoyed reading The Red Queen and The Lady of the Rivers. I think The Lady of the Rivers is a good connecting point between all the books. I found this one fascinating because it was an opportunity to see how it all began, how it all got started.
In this one, readers meet Jacquetta, first as a young girl who befriended Joan of Arc, then as a young wife, the Duchess of Bedford, and finally as a powerful woman, wife of Richard Woodville, loyal lady to Margaret of Anjou, mother of so very many children but most notably, perhaps, Elizabeth Woodville, future Queen of England. Readers learn of her special gifts, how she has been blessed or cursed with the goddess' gifts. In particular, she hears music when someone she loves is about to die. (Which was heartbreaking in the case of her son, as she frantically is trying to figure out which one of her children is in danger and trying to save his life). 

Life was hardly ever easy for her and her family, and this book barely imagines how tough it must have been! For example, it was hard not to notice that her husband was around just long enough for her to conceive before going off (again and again) to do the bidding of the King and Queen. He seemed to be almost always away and in some difficulty of his own. Like commanding soldiers without having a way to pay them. It was nice to see Jacquetta as a devoted wife and mother.
This book was interesting. I definitely enjoyed it.

Read The Lady of the Rivers
  • If you enjoy historical fiction or historical romance
  • If you enjoy reading about this time period, the War of Roses and the years leading up to the War of Roses
  • If you like Philippa Gregory 

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Kimberlee said...

I am always glad to find fellow Philippa Gregory fans. Some people loathe her because she doesn't necessarily stick close to historical fact and yet a lot of people still love her regardless. I find her books to be my guilty pleasures and I have to get them as soon as they come out. I agree that this one isn't the best in the series, but a good starting point. Glad to see you enjoyed it. Great review!


bibliophiliac said...

I have a copy of this book and haven't yet gotten a chance to read it. Sounds like I should do so soon...

Beckie B. said...

Becky, thanks for your thoughts on this book. I liked it as well.

Cazzy said...

I didn't really enjoy The White Queen either, but this has encouraged me to go back to it and power through so I can get to The Lady of the Rivers! :)