Friday, November 09, 2012

Duck for a Day

Duck for a Day. Meg McKinlay. Illustrated by Leila Rudge. 2012. Candlewick. 96 pages.

Abby leaned forward and stared. The new teacher's bag was moving. Abby peered closer. What did teachers have in their bags? Books, probably. And colored markers. Maybe an electric pencil sharpener. But none of these things could move. At least Abby hoped not. If an electric pencil sharpener was fighting its way out of that bag, she didn't want to be in the way when it escaped. 

This early chapter book begins when Mrs. Melvino reveals the class pet--a duck named Max--to her class. Abby, the narrator, is most curious. She's not allowed to have a pet of her own--not even a fish--but her parents have said yes to bringing home the class pet now and then. But Mrs. Melvino is not going to let Max go home with just any student, to any home. No, this duck needs a certain environment to be comfortable. And Abby is determined to do anything and everything to make sure that she gets to take Max home. She's not the only one. Readers also get glimpses of Abby's neighbor, Noah, whose home environment leaves something to be desired--at least according to Abby. Noah has been trying to be her friend since he moved in next door, but, Abby, well she has higher standards. Both kids work very, very hard to make their homes and yards inviting to a duck...

I liked this one. It didn't wow me, but it was a pleasant enough read. Abby and Noah learn a little bit about one another and about responsibility and diligence too.

Read Duck for a Day
  • If you're looking for a beginner chapter book to share with children
  • If you enjoy school and friendship stories

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