Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Dear Mr. Darcy

Dear Mr. Darcy. Amanda Grange. 2012. Berkley Trade. 400 pages. 

I wanted to love this one, and I did! I'm not sure it is my absolute favorite Amanda Grange novel, but, it comes close! I loved reading a familiar story in new way. The whole story being revealed by letters. While the focus in the beginning is on Mr. Darcy, soon other characters are added into the timeline. These characters, for the most part, are true to the originals. By writing from the perspective of so many different characters, readers really get a chance to explore the story. For example, I really enjoyed reading letters to/from Caroline Bingley. Her sister, Louisa, had quite a few things to 'tattle' on about her sister. And the correspondence between Mary Bennet and Lucy Sotherton was great!!! These two being "learned" ladies. I enjoyed meeting reading about the Sotherton family, I had never really thought about a family having had to leave the neighborhood in order for Mr. Bingley to be coming into the neighborhood as a tenant. I thought the characterization was great.

I would definitely recommend this one!

Read Mr. Darcy's Diary
  • If you enjoy Amanda Grange's adaptations of Austen novels
  • If you love Jane Austen, especially if you love Pride and Prejudice
  • If you like satisfying (and clean) historical romances
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Dotty's Reading Corner said...

I cannot wait to read this! It's always on my tbr pile for every month, and every month it doesn't get read I can't understand why I'm depriving myself of Mr.Darcy, I know I'll love it!

Risa said...

This book is definitely on my to read list! Can't wait!! Great review!!