Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jump Into the Sky (MG)

Jump Into the Sky. Shelley Pearsall. 2012. Random House. 352 pages.

It's been years since I've read a Shelley Pearsall novel, but I remember really loving those that I've read in the past. I really liked Jump Into the Sky. I'm not sure that I absolutely loved it. But it was a really good read. I just LOVED the main character, Levi Battle. I really loved his narrative voice, and I enjoyed seeing the world through his eyes. I enjoyed many of the characters, I especially liked Cal, Peaches, and baby Victory. (I loved hearing their love story!) I was so happy that this couple was able to open their hearts and home to Levi when he really needed someone--anyone--to care. And I was pleased that Levi had the opportunity--at last--to get to know his father.

The book was set during the last months of World War II, and it was an interesting read. I enjoyed learning about this historical period. I didn't know about the balloon bombs OR the African American paratroopers. So that was good. This isn't exactly a fast-paced action novel, more of a slow character-focused coming of age story. I enjoy coming-of-age stories AND I enjoy historical fiction.

I enjoyed the characters, the writing, the details great and small. 

Read Jump Into the Sky
  • If you enjoy well-written, character-focused coming of age stories set during World War II
  • If you are looking for a multicultural World War II read that discusses prejudice in and out of the military
  • If you enjoy historical fiction with memorable narrators

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Anonymous said...

Please watch those comma splices. Sorry :D

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