Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Parodox (2013)

Paradox. A.J. Paquette. 2013. Random House. 240 pages. [Source: Review Copy]

The fate of the earth may depend on a young girl with amnesia. Her name is Ana. She wakes up in a rocket with minimum instructions or clues. She's on an alien planet, that much is clear, and there is a countdown. She has twenty-four hours to accomplish something for a mission. But what mission? She hasn't a clue! And neither do readers, not really. The alien world is dangerous, and, full of surprises. Including the fact that she's not as alone as she first thought. There are three others with her, all teens.

Plenty of action, a good dose of mystery. Ultimately, however, I was a bit disappointed. It has its moments, but, it wasn't quite enough to make me love it. It has an interesting premise, but a premise that vaguely reminded me of vintage science fiction. It never felt quite real to me.  

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Monica said...

Yes, for a minute there I was thinking of a sci fi movie from the 80's. Can't remember the name of it right off.