Sunday, August 04, 2013

Have I Got A Show For You...

  • Do you love history?
  • Do you love comedy? 
  • Do you love comedy sketches?
  • Do you love musical numbers?
  • Do you love musical parodies? 
  • Do you love clever writing, great lyrics?
  • Do you love catchy, can't-get-out-of-your-head songs?
  • Do you have an eclectic taste in music?
  • Do you love costumes and period dramas?
  • Do you love to read literature? William Shakespeare? Charles Dickens?
  • Do you have an interest in the Tudors? the Plantagenets? Vikings? Romans? Greeks? Egyptians? Victorians?
  • Happen to love Georgian or Regency romances? 
  • Do you love picking up I-didn't-know-that-facts?
  • Do you like bathroom jokes?  
 If you answered yes to any of these questions, I do have a show for you! Horrible Histories... there are five series of this oh-so-wonderful show from the UK.

Link to episode one, series one...
Link to "Savage Songs" (episode thirteen, series 2, a "best of songs" episode!!!!)
  • Spartan High School Musical
  • Boudicca 
  • Literally (Vikings Song)
  • Pachacuti
  • Charles II: King of Bling
  • Blackbeard's Song
  • George IV Goes Solo (I Couldn't Stand My Wife)
  • Cowboy Song
  • Victorian Inventions
  • World War II Girls
  • Born 2 Rule by the 4 Georges
Newgate Prison Commercial & Dick Turpin

And a Georgian ad for fan-messaging...

By the way, I've started a new blog...

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