Thursday, January 09, 2014

The 100 (2013)

The 100. Kass Morgan. 2013. Little, Brown. 277 pages. [Source: Library]

I read The 100 when I was in a happy and generous mood. I was enjoying the book, for the most part. I was actually liking the multiple points of view. I liked how readers were able to follow the story down on earth AND yet remain to see what happened up on the colony ship as well. I liked how the stories were unfolding. A few plot details I was able to predict. That is not a bad thing, by the way. It can be good OR bad. It can feel satisfying now and then to guess right. It is only when a reader guesses all the plot ahead of time that it becomes too much. Another thing I was mostly enjoying is how flawed all the characters were. Seriously flawed. Big mistakes. Big issues. It was interesting to see the characters relate to one another. To see them come together...or not.

My only hesitation with recommending this one is the ending. The problem I had with this book is that I was enjoying it (perhaps not ABSOLUTELY LOVING it, but still, a good solid enjoy) until I started picking up on Wells mysterious act of "devotion." The ending. Perhaps it fit with the book perfectly. Perhaps there were hundreds of clues indicating the truth. It isn't that I was surprised that Wells did something stupid, it is just that I didn't guess it would be so completely over-the-top ridiculously stupid.

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