Thursday, January 16, 2014

Road To Yesterday (1974)

The Road to Yesterday. L.M. Montgomery 1974. McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited. 252 pages.

The Road To Yesterday is a collection of short stories by L.M. Montgomery set on Prince Edward Island. All of the stories mention the Blythes. The stories cover several decades. In one story, for example, Jem and Walter might be described as young boys. In another story, you might read of Rilla's loving Ken Ford. By the end of the collection, however, World War II has begun or nearly begun. So, yes, this one covers a wide span of years. One hears in passing, almost by chance, of news of the Blythe family, of Susan Baker. But the stories have their own main characters.

The stories include:
An Afternoon with Mr. Jenkins
The Twins Pretend
Fancy's Fool
A Dream Come True
Penelope Struts Her Theories
The Reconciliation
The Cheated Child
Fool's Errand
The Pot and the Kettle
Here Comes the Bride
Brother Beware
The Road to Yesterday
A Commonplace Woman

Some stories can be sweet and predictable with a cozy, just-right feel. Other stories are darker and perhaps creepier. And a few are just FUNNY. I love, for example, Penelope Struts Her Theories. A "child expert" who has studied and written books on how to raise children finally gets a chance to put her theories into practice when she decides to adopt a child. Needless to say, she learns a thing or two!

I definitely recommend this one. All of these stories are included in The Blythes Are Quoted. 

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Katherine P said...

I loved the mentions of the Blythes! It felt like a treasure hunt. Penelope Struts Her Theories was one of my favorites as well along with The Twins Pretend and An Afternoon with Mr. Jenkins.

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I need to read this! I have to admit, I haven't read much of Montgomery's books, but A Tangled Web is one of my all time favorite novels and I'm determined to read all of her books one day. :)

Kailana said...

I haven't read this ever. I have it, though. I am not sure what I will do when I come to it... I also want to read The Blythes are Quoted so it might become one or the other. I am still too far away to think about it right now. :)