Sunday, April 09, 2017


Wish. Barbara O'Connor. 2016. FSG. 240 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: I looked down at the paper on my desk. The "getting to know you" paper.

Premise/plot: Charlie Reese is a wish-maker. She's made the same wish--in hundreds of ways--for at least the past year. Her dad is in jail; her mom is checked out from reality; her oldest sister is staying with a friend. Charlie? She's moved to Colby to stay with an aunt and uncle she's never met. She's been assigned a backpack buddy named Howard, an easygoing friend with a large family. Adjusting to her new life will take time and courage, will Charlie's wish come true?

My thoughts: I want more Howard. I love him. I do. Maybe it's silly to get so attached to a fictional character, but seriously a Howard in real life would be a girl's dream come true. I love the book. I love the characters. Bertha and Gus, Howard, Wishbone, the whole Odom family. This is a middle grade novel with heart! No wonder the author is getting fan letters from kids saying that she's the best author ever!

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