Friday, April 14, 2017

Up and Down the River

Up and Down the River (Fairchild Family #3). Rebecca Caudill. Illustrated by Deci Merwin. 1951/2009. 143 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: "I do wish we could find some way to get rich, like Althy!" said Bonnie.

Premise/plot: Bonnie and her older sister Debby really want to find a way to make money over the summer. A way to make money without spending money, or much money. They settle on a magazine scheme--offer. Selling picture cards for ten cents each, and selling bluing for ten cents a sheet. They get enough to sell--just paying for stamps to mail the company--to earn two dollars. (The company would be mailed two dollars too.) This involves a lot of walking up and down the river to visit each of their neighbors. At one of their neighbor's farms they get a newly orphaned lamb to take home as a pet. It won't be the only pet of the summer either! A duck, two Bantam chickens--a king and queen--and three kittens complete the assortment! There is a story behind each pet! But some stories are bittersweet. (Poor ducks!)

My thoughts: I always enjoy spending time with Bonnie and her family. I like this one but I am not sure it is my favorite from the series. The message might be on learning responsibility. Or it might be something to do with our greatest riches are friends and family and the memories we share together.

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