Saturday, April 07, 2018

Other Recommendations

Movie Recommendations

Wonder may just be my new favorite movie EVER. I love, love, love, love, love and adore it.  I should put myself back on the hold list. I watched it twice before I turned it into the library.

The Man Who Invented Christmas. I LOVED it. I really did. It made me want more movies about Dickens. Like a movie for each book he wrote! I am going to pretend that this movie is true and that it really happened just this way! And by pretend I mean "suspend my disbelief." My very first crush was on Christopher Plummer--think Sound of Music--and seeing him in anything is a TREAT. I really want to fit in another watch before turning it back into the library.

Goodbye Christopher Robin. This movie made me think. What was right for the world--the world did *need* Pooh desperately--wasn't right for Christopher Robin. I can't imagine a world without Winnie the Pooh. Yet seeing how the book--the fame--affected the family and the 'real' Christopher Robin (aka Billy Moon) was heartbreaking. This movie was so well done.

TV Shows

Mom and I finished binge-watching Call the Midwife series 1-6. Seasons 1-4 we'd probably seen two to three times before. It was our first time to rewatch season 6 since it aired. And we are LOVING that Call the Midwife is back on with season 7 on Sunday nights! Without a doubt, it's our favorite-and-best show.

Merlin. I've seen about two or three more episodes of season three. I have two episodes left in the season. I love this show but that almost works against it. I am probably a lot more anxious than I should be about the fates of my favorite characters. But I can't help it.

Great British Baking Show.
I'm not sure *which* season I'm in. I just know it's the newest season available via NetFlix.

Timeless. I am trying to stay caught up with this second season as it airs. But inevitably I'm always a few days late.


I haven't really been trying "new" teas lately. But my favorite combination of the moment is Cozy Camomile and Buttermint. I don't like Buttermint on its own. And Cozy Camomile on its own isn't quite enough for me either. But together--magic.

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missi said...

Thank you for reminding me of these movies! I never think to get movies from the library. I will try that today. I have Netflix streaming (where just yesterday I put Merlin on my list) which rarely has a regular movie I want to see.