Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Dory Fantasmagory Head in the Clouds

Dory Fantasmagory #4: Head in the Clouds. Abby Hanlon. 2018. 160 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: My name is Dory, but most people call me Rascal. I have an enemy named Mrs. Gobble Gracker--you might have heard of her. She has been trying to catch me and bring me to her cave. But today I have a problem that's even bigger than Mrs. Gobble Gracker. It's this coat.

Premise/plot: In this fourth book in the series, Dory gets her first loose tooth. What kinds of things will she imagine about the tooth fairy? And where will her imagination lead her?!

My thoughts: I enjoyed this imaginative chapter book. My favorite part of the series remains the illustrations. They are super fun. For example, the book opens with a map of Dory Land that is partially inspired (perhaps) by the Candy Land game board.

The first two chapters of this one are about a BUNCHY COAT and how it is the coat's fault that she lies again and again and again to her teacher. (Her parents don't buy that excuse, but they give the coat away anyway). The remaining chapters focus on a LOOSE TOOTH and Dory's speculations on the tooth fairy. Her siblings have her convinced that the Tooth Fairy is like Santa Claus, she only leaves money to GOOD children. She leaves EGGS or OMELETS for BAD children. And wouldn't you know Dory HATES eggs. Can she get on the good side of the tooth fairy? Perhaps she'll have the chance to explain when she "meets" the tooth fairy at the local grocery store.

There's never a dull moment if it's spent in Dory's company.

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