Saturday, March 16, 2019

Stars Upon Thars #11

5 Stars
Because. Mo Willems. Illustrated by Amber Ren. 2019. Hyperion. 40 pages. [Source: Library]
Anne Frank's Diary: The Graphic Adaptation. Adapted by Ari Folman. Original text by Anne Frank. Illustrated by David Polonsky. 2018. 160 pages. [Source: Review copy]
The Truth About Martians. Melissa Savage. 2018. 336 pages. [Source: Library]
 One-Third Nerd. Gennifer Choldenko. 2019. Random House. 224 pages. [Source: Library]

4 Stars
These Old Shades. Georgette Heyer. 1926/2008. Harlequin. 384 pages. [Source: Bought]
Square. (Shapes Trilogy #2) Mac Barnett. Illustrated by Jon Klassen. 2018. 40 pages. [Source: Library]
Dig to Disaster. Robert M. Quackenbush. 1982. 81 pages. [Source: Library]

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