Wednesday, March 06, 2019

World at War: How I Became A Spy

How I Became A Spy. Deborah Hopkinson. 2019. Random House. 272 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: I wasn't thinking about becoming a spy that night. I was just trying to be brave, do a good job, and stay out of trouble. It wasn't going well.

Premise/plot: Bertie Bradshaw stars in this World War II adventure. It begins during an air raid. Bertie and his dog, L.R. "Little Roo," are doing their duty--their volunteer service. He sees a girl drop something--what turns out to be a journal--and later sees a woman collapsed on the sidewalk. He goes for help, but by the time he returns the woman is gone. It is only later when he begins to read the journal that he realizes what he's stumbled upon. The journal belongs to a spy. Half of the journal is written in cypher. From what he can tell, the spy is convinced that someone is passing along information to the Nazis! Can Bertie and his friends solve the mystery and warn the British government in time?

My thoughts: I liked this one. I did. I liked Bertie, Little Roo, Eleanor, and David. (David is one of the Jewish children sent to Britain early on in the war--circa 1938? Eleanor is the American girl who accidentally dropped the journal in the first place. Little Roo is a brave dog that won my heart early on in the novel. I was so THANKFUL that this was not a sad dog book.

The ending felt a bit rushed and slightly unfinished. I still don't know WHO the double agent was or HOW they discovered his identity. The author just jumps forward to the end where the children are meeting with the higher-ups and all is well.

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