Tuesday, December 22, 2020

154. Their Christmas Baby Contract

Their Christmas Baby Contract (Blackberry Bay #2) Shannon Stacey. 2020. 224 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: “Nice day for a hockey game.” Reyna Bishop would know that smooth, deep voice anywhere and, after tucking her debit card into her back pocket and accepting two steamed hot dogs from the vendor, she turned to face Brady Nash. 

Premise/plot: Reyna Bishop, our heroine, wants a BABY. Brady Nash, our hero, wants a baby. Can these two sometimes-friends agree to terms--a contract if you will--to have a baby together, no strings attached. She is not telling him that she wants them to be together-together, to get married, to live together--she's just wanting a BABY without having to go through all the relationship steps first. Brady agrees to whatever Reyna is offering. Hint he has been in love with her since first grade.

My thoughts: This was a cute enough holiday story. It was smutty, I won't lie. But it was almost self-contained smut. There was like one chapter where they are trying for the baby where all the smut happens, and anything outside of that is more off-screen and more suggestive than smutty-smut. It would definitely be more skippable if one prefers--like I do--a cleaner read. I liked the story being told from both his and her perspectives. I thought the characters were developed well enough considering this was a romance novel. 

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