Tuesday, December 01, 2020

147. A Christmas Resolution

A Christmas Resolution (Christmas Stories #18) Anne Perry. 2020. 192 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: Celia approached the vicar, who stood alone for a few moments in the shadow of the rounded arch above the doorway, sheltered from the rising wind. She wanted to say something about the excellence of his sermon beyond the usual “well done,” which covered anything and nothing. “That really was beautiful. You made me hear it again as good news,” she said with a smile. “I know the message is familiar, but the weight of meaning behind it felt new. You must know that.” 

Premise/plot: John Hooper and his new wife, Celia, set about trying to prevent what could quite possibly be a disastrous marriage from occurring. Celia's close friend, Clementine, has agreed to marry the village's meanie, Seth Marlowe, whose first wife died under possibly suspicious circumstances. Aided by detective friends and some vicars--both their own vicar and other vicars from other villages where Marlowe has lived--they are hoping to prove his guilt or innocence--one way or another. But it might be tricky considering that Marlowe suspects them of suspecting him and trying to sabotage his future.

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this holiday-themed mystery novel. I have read some but certainly not all--not even close--of Perry's holiday mysteries. I have almost always greatly enjoyed them. This is no exception! If circumstances were different in 2020, I would have probably put a good many of her Christmas books on hold this season. 

I would definitely recommend this one to those that love Perry's other works and like Christmas books too.


“Most of us can be happy when we have what we want,” he pointed out. “The true victory lies in being kind even when we don’t have it.”

“Life is not avoiding pain, Mr. Hooper. It is learning how to deal with it with grace and courage. The lives of great people are stories of victory over pain and loss. Long, quiet lives of putting up graciously with difficulty and thinking of others.”  


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