Sunday, April 04, 2021

On Reading Reviews

This isn't a post on writing reviews. This is a post on reading reviews--other people's reviews. I guess the two don't have to go hand in hand. You could love/like to WRITE reviews yet never read reviews yourself. You could love to read other people's reviews yet never write any yourself. But as for me, I love to read reviews. 

There are two times I seek out reviews. First, I sometimes seek out reviews BEFORE reading a book. I'll clarify, there are times I'm COMPLETELY ON THE FENCE if I want to give a book--an author--a try. I will read reviews to help me make a more informed decision.

For example, let's say I'm browsing Kindle's daily deals and I come across a book title. I think to myself I *might* find that book interesting/good/entertaining. But I don't know if it will really be a good fit for me. I might browse a *little* on Amazon, but really I trust GOODREADS more. I don't just read five star reviews, I want to read one star, two stars, three stars--essentially ALL the stars. Ideally the reviews that help me most are the ones that focus on the book itself--what the story is and how the author crafts it.

Second, I almost always, always, always read reviews AFTER I write my own review a book. I try not to read too many before writing my own review. What I look for in a review of a book that I've already read is different--for better or worse. Again, I seek out reviews from ALL THE STARS. I want to read the one, the two, the three, the four, the five. I want a wide range of reactions. I like to see just how/why/where opinions/experiences/reactions differ from my own. Sometimes reviews that contrast my own--overall in opinion--give me food for thought. And food for thought is a good thing. Sometimes I am not persuaded. Sometimes I'm more amused than persuaded. But I don't usually regret the time spent reading reviews.

There are plenty of times I'm confused--HOW COULD WE HAVE READ THE SAME BOOK?!?! 😂😅

Sometimes I do wish I could have discussions with other reviewers about a book. But I'm also super-super shy, so I'm not likely to leave a comment on a review post at GoodReads.

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Gretchen said...

This is interesting, Becky. I love to read reviews as well. However, I read all kinds of reviews of books, even ones I will never read. Sometimes reading a review or two is all I need to know about the book and don't feel the need to read it myself. Other times, I read reviews like you do - to decide if I will read a book or not. I have also read reviews of a book after I write a review, but not always. Reading your post made me realize I should do this more. Mostly I end up adding books to my TBR from reviews I have read.

MoniqueReads said...

I normally read reviews when I deciding to add a book to my TBR List. Or while I'm reading to confirmed my feeling on a book. I like nice well-rounded 3 star reviews. They normally contain just the right amount of praise and critique.

Laura H said...

Becky I have read your reviews for years. You and I rarely disagree on what’s good.
You are always thoughtful and have great insight on each book.