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117. Miss Kopp Investigates

Miss Kopp Investigates. (Kopp Sisters #7) Amy Stewart. 2021. [September] 304 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: That Fleurette emerged from her first assignment unscathed, her dignity intact, her virtue unassailed, and her pride in place was, she felt, a triumph, and a sign of further good fortune to come. Having carried out the job in secrecy, with her sisters knowing nothing of her whereabouts, her success tasted all the sweeter.

Premise/plot: Miss Kopp Investigates is the seventh book in Amy Stewart's historical mystery series. Constance, Norma, and Fleurette star in the series. This seventh book opens in the winter of 1919. The war is over. But life is far from settled. Francis, their brother, has died. The women feel responsible for helping his widow, Bessie, and their children: Lorraine, Frankie, and one on the way. Though all three sisters had plans, dreams, hopes of their own, they are dutiful and compassionate--mostly.

Financial problems abound in this one!!! As the problems worsen--or come to light--tensions within the family increase as well. Fleurette especially is feeling stressed. She's a grown woman who is tired of being bossed around by her two older (much, much older) sisters. She doesn't want to be told how she can and cannot earn money to support the family.

While previous books have focused more on the others--this one focuses primarily on Fleurette. And it is HER investigation. There is a mystery or two to be solved in this one....

My thoughts: I really LOVED this one. I've enjoyed the series throughout. I have. But something about Fleurette being the protagonist in this worked really well for me. I loved learning how the fictional Kopp sisters are finally aligning with the real-life Kopp sisters of Stewart's research. The fact that the REAL Kopp sisters did start their own detective was just a gleeful moment. Now there is still plenty that is fictional in this one...but still.

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