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120. The Case of the Missing Marquess

The Case of the Missing Marquess. (Enola Holmes #1) Nancy Springer. 2006. 216 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: I would very much like to know why my mother named me, "Enola," which, backwards spells alone.

Premise/plot: Enola Holmes, our heroine, has literally just turned fourteen on the day her mother, Lady Eudoria Vernet Holmes, disappears. She contacts her two older brothers soon after. Chances are, dear reader, you may have heard of them: Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes. The two leave London to visit their younger (and now abandoned) sister. And soon these two are planning out her future...without consulting young Enola. When the decision is made that Enola needs to go to a boarding school, well, she takes matters into her own hand. Knowing that her brother, Sherlock, is a world-famous detective, she thinks her best bet is to the unexpected...always. He would probably expect her to disguise herself as a young boy, for example, so she knows that is out of the question!

Enola knows her final destination will be London....but her exact journey, well, that's a mystery even to her. Along the way, she gets distracted by another missing person. (Her mother being the first missing person. Viscount Tewksbury Basilwether being the second missing person.)

My thoughts: I enjoyed this historical mystery. It is very light on the mystery and history. It is set in mid-to-late 1888. (July to November). I would classify it as a cozy mystery for middle grade.

I didn't love it. I liked it. I picked up the book because I had (relatively) recently watched the Enola Holmes movie. The movie definitely adds a good bit of substance to the book. (A good thing in my opinion. The book doesn't really have much depth or substance.) I think it's main job is to orient readers with the new series and the characters.


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