Friday, September 15, 2006

Elvis, Garth, Ashlee...

Westerfeld, Scott. 2005. Peeps.

Cal Thompson might seem like your average nineteen-year-old college freshman who is always ‘hungry for sex’ but looks can be deceiving. Cal’s secret, he’s parasite positive. A peep. Well, a carrier peep anyway. What’s a peep you ask? Well, they might commonly be called the ever-so-offensive “v-word”: vampire. Cal has superhuman enhancements: sight, smell, metabolism, speed, etc. But he has none of the bad side effects--cannibalism or anathema. (You see, the parasite controls your mind and one of the parasite's survival techniques is to make the host reject everything they once loved and treasured.) The only down side, Cal can never be with another woman’s too painful seeing ex-lovers become monsters he has to hunt down and lock up. Life is never boring though for a ‘hunter’ tracking down peeps and further outbreaks of vampirism. But one of his investigations leads him into great temption...

Peeps is an exciting book offering a little bit of everything to the reader...danger, adventure, romance, humor, and the truth. The truth? Yes, every other chapter describes the life cycle of an actual parasite and its positive and negative effects on its enviroment. The sequel, Last Days, was released on September 7, 2006.
Interview with Scott Westerfeld


kl,  5:52 PM  

Another offensive peep is the utterly grotesque marshmellow Easter confection. It is not natural. If our hero hunts down this type of "peep" then surely he will win the regard of readers worldwide

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