Thursday, March 07, 2013

Peril at End House (1932)

Peril at End House. Agatha Christie. 1932. HarperCollins. 287 pages.

It is such a pleasure to read an Agatha Christie mystery. Peril at End House stars Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings. (I really love it when Hastings is "helping" Poirot solve a case.) This mystery is a hard one for Poirot to solve, though he doesn't realize that until the very, very end! This is a novel that could very easily be spoiled so I won't say much about it except that it was a pure delight to read this one! 

I think I LOVED this one so much because it kept me guessing, and it kept Poirot and Hastings guessing as well! While it's not unusual for a mystery--a crime--to keep Hastings guessing, it was satisfying to see Poirot stumble around a bit!

Favorite quotes:
“Poirot," I said. "I have been thinking."
"An admirable exercise my friend. Continue it.”
“You have a tendency, Hastings, to prefer the least likely. That, no doubt, is from reading too many detective stories.” 
“Evil never goes unpunished, Monsieur. But the punishment is sometimes secret.” 
 Read Peril at End House
  • If you like Agatha Christie
  • If you like classic or vintage mysteries
  • If you like British cozy mysteries
  • If you like Captain Hastings and Hercule Poirot

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AshleyProfit 11:47 PM  

this book is really epic and classic

James Garcia Jr. 2:43 PM  

Ugh! Thanks, Becky, but now I've got guilt! I certainly know who Christie is, but I've yet to read her work. *slaps hand* Where should I begin?


Ryan 7:10 PM  

I loved the "twist" in this one.

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