Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Frederica (1965)

Frederica. Georgette Heyer. 1965/2009. Sourcebooks. 437 pages. [Source: Library]

Frederica and Venetia are (probably) my top two Heyer romances. I ADORE Frederica. It is one of my favorite, favorite historical romances. I first read it in 2009.

Frederica has a great hero. Lord Alverstoke is a great hero, a giddy-making hero. Every moment with him is special. And Frederica Merriville, is a wonderful heroine. Her unexpected arrival into Lord Alverstoke's life changes everything. And she doesn't come alone! She comes with a stunningly beautiful younger sister (Charis) and a handful of brothers (Harry, Jessamy, and Felix). (Also a large dog!) She appears at his house one day claiming a family connection. She wants his help, well his wife's help, in launching her sister into the ton, into society. She didn't expect him to be unmarried. But she learns he has sisters. It just so happens that Lord Alverstoke has just refused to help launch a niece or two into society. His house apparently being quite the ideal party location. Frederica gets a yes, however. He will "act as guardian" to her family. Over the next few weeks, Lord Alverstoke does indeed act as guardian. He becomes a constant companion, almost, to Frederica and her siblings. Two of her brothers, Felix and Jessamy, the youngest, really seek out his attention. And Lord Alverstoke is absolutely great with them! Kind and patient and attentive. I love seeing the whole family bond with Lord Alverstoke. I love seeing these relationships form. There are plenty of scenes with Lord Alverstoke and Frederica, there are plenty of scenes that develop this romance, but it is also a family novel.

I love, love, love this novel. It is a great example of what makes Heyer great.

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