Friday, November 08, 2013

Allegiant (2013)

Allegiant. Veronica Roth. (Divergent Series #3) HarperCollins. 544 pages. [Source: Library]

Have you read Allegiant? What did you think? I read the book having read spoilers online about this final book in the series. While every reader is different, I liked knowing from the start what was ahead. I think I approached the book differently having read so many reviews. Did I like it? Did I love it? I don't know. The only thing I can say for certain is that I did not hate it.

This review has vague spoilers about the middle but nothing specific especially in terms of the ending.

Allegiant has two narrators: Tris and Tobias (Four). As much as I love the idea of having Four's perspective, the truth is, that most dual narrative books just don't work well for me. Both narratives are told in the first person. While the chapters clearly state at the beginning if it is "Tris" or "Tobias," it was hard as a reader to discern mid-chapter. They just didn't feel separate and distinct enough.

I did enjoy where the story went. Readers follow Tris and Tobias and other select friends (including Caleb and Peter) OUTSIDE into the 'real world.' Tris and Tobias meet scientists and government officials who have been monitoring the whole experiment. While Tris thought she was digging towards the truth in the last book, it turns out that truth is more slippery that she ever thought possible. What this book has in large doses are lies, truths, and half-truths. These are supposed to serve as answers, I suppose; they are supposed to satisfy readers and characters alike. (But do they?)
Every character reacts differently as these "truths" are unveiled. Because Tris and Tobias react differently, there is drama and conflict, of course.

The ending. I thought the ending was completely in character. I couldn't imagine Tris being in that situation and making any other choice. 

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Suko said...

Becky, thank you for sharing your thoughts about Allegiant; I haven't read it. Not sure what I'd think of the lies, truths, and half-truths.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

I have read it and I feel the same. I think the actions were very in character and it worked for me.