Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Parallelogram (2013)

Parallelogram. Robin Brande. 2013. Ryer Publishing. 350 pages. [Source: Review Copy]

I have enjoyed the books in this series. I wish I'd had time to reread the two previous books in the series, but, since that wasn't possible, I'll just say that it took me a few chapters to fully remember (in a satisfactory way) what was going on, what had just happened. I found myself remembering the big things, but forgetting the little things. I would encourage readers to read the series as close together as possible.

Seize the Parallel keeps readers in touch with both Halli and Audie. The two have definitely switched places. Halli's consciousness is inhabiting Audie's body. Halli is having to adjust to this parallel universe. Since Halli and Audie are so very different from one another, she's having to make some harsh decisions. She cannot successfully pretend to be Audie and fool anyone. She's having to be Audie-whose-had-a-change-of-heart-transformation. An Audie who is obsessed with exercise and eating healthy. An Audie who loves to cook. An Audie who has lost interest in attending the college of her dreams. An Audie who has suddenly decided to become a nature guide! Audie's consciousness is inhabiting Halli's body. She has an easier time, perhaps, in this book in that she spends the entire book in the hospital in the parallel universe. She is on pain killers. She's barely allowed visitors. She's considerably worried and anxious to get back to her body, to get back her life, to make contact again, but, there is a lack of action.

If Seize the Parallel has a fault, it would be lack of action. It has complex ideas, but, most of the book is just spent waiting for decisions to be made and actions to be taken.

My enjoyment of a book is not determined by the amount of action. I didn't have a problem with it personally. For me, it is almost always matter of characterization. Seize the Parallel does not stand alone. I cared about the characters because I'd read the previous books. I'm not sure I would have cared about them based on this book alone.

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