Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Are you a cow?

Murdock, Catherine Gilbert. 2006. Dairy Queen.

D.J Schwenk is not your typical teen. Sure she loves sports--football and basketball in particular--and she has crushes on guys, but there is something that makes D.J. different from her peers: she, for the most part, is solely responsible for her parents dairy farm. Shoveling and spreading manure, mowing, baling hay, milking cows, feeding cows, etc. is not on the typical teen's to-do list, no instant messaging, no shopping, no manicures or pedicures. Life is hard and dirty when your constant companions bark and moo. But D.J. is a good sport, since her father's accident she has beared the burden alone while watching her two older brothers go away to college on football scholarships. Life gets a bit more complicated though the summer before her senior year. Readers will be along for the ride as D.J. takes on an unusual task--training the rival team's quarterback, Brian Nelson, in exchange in part for some help around the farm. What she never expected was for her enemy to turn into her friend. True, it wasn't easy at first to get along...he tells her she's a cow since she is always doing what other people tell her to do without thinking...but she soon finds out beneath the sting of the insult is a grain of truth. Determined to change her life AND think for herself...she realizes she doesn't want to train others to play football...she wants to play football herself! But what will everyone think? Will she gain the support of the coach, her teammates, her friends, her family, the school, and what about Brian...can he ever forgive her for being on the other team?


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