Friday, October 13, 2006

Royal Soap Opera...

Meyer, Carolyn. 2001. Beware, Princess Elizabeth.

Continuing the story begun in Mary, Bloody, Mary, Carolyn Meyer presents readers with the story of another unhappy princess. Elizabeth, like Mary, was torn away from her mother--in this case her father essentially murdered her, and spent many years ignored by or estranged from her father. The book begins with the death of her father and the crowning of her brother, Edward. It then continues through his brief reign, the nine days reign of Lady Jane Grey, and the bloody reign of her sister Mary. It is during her sister’s reign that her life is in constant jeopardy. Through it all, Elizabeth is determined to persevere with hopes that one day she will finally get to be queen.

I am currently reading Doomed Queen Anne, and hope to post a review of it this weekend if all goes according to plan. I still haven't been able to track down a copy of Patience, Princess Catherine so I can review it, but since Carolyn Meyer is one of my new "favorite" authors, I'll keep on reviewing her books whenever I come across them.

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