Friday, December 15, 2006

Patricia McCormick

McCormick, Patricia. 2006. Sold.

In Patricia McCormick’s verse novel SOLD the reader is introduced to a young woman, Lakshmi a thirteen year old girl sold by her stepfather into prostitution. Told only that she will be moving to the city to live with a new “auntie” and a uncle-husband, Lakshmi is at first fooled into thinking a glamorous life awaits her. True, she’ll be working as a maid. But she’s heard that cities have such luxuries as tvs and cars, etc. But the reality of her new life and lifestyle soon becomes much too terrifying to deal with. Numbing her emotion, she goes through the motion of living day after day in a brothel where if she doesn’t perform she will be beaten, starved, or thrown out on the streets. The only hope in her life is the friendship she makes with the other destitue prostitutes and their children. Set in India, SOLD is a powerful story of hope and despair.

Sold is Patricia McCormick’s third novel, and it is her first to be nominated for a National Book Award. Her previous books include Cut (2000) and My Brother’s Keeper (2005).


sniderm said...

I just read it and loved it! So powerful and eye opening! I read it for a Master's university course. Do you have any suggestions for related poetry? I liked Cut also, but Sold was better. I haven't read My Brother's Keeper yet.

Becky said...

I just finished reading The Surrender Tree by Margarita Engle. It's set in Cuba in the 19th century (1850-1900) and the poems capture the rebellious fight of the slaves, of the nation, to be free and independent. At the time, they were under Spanish rule. It's very powerful. It is historical instead of contemporary, and so I don't know if you'd be interested. But the poems are good and powerful.

I can't think of any other related titles off hand. But I'll keep it in mind...and if I think of anymore, I'll come back and post about it.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe how good this book was. I had tears running down my eyes and couldn't stop myself. These were tears of sadness and then Joy at the end of the book. I had to read this for an essay in English for a comparative writing task. Do you have any suggestions of novels or movies that are like this book that I can compare?