Monday, February 26, 2007

Each Little Bird

Wiles, Deborah. 2005. Each Little Bird That Sings.

Comfort Snowberger is a young girl who has seen a lot of death and life in her time. Her parents own the town’s funeral home. And in her ten years, Comfort has attended almost 250 funerals so far. But when the deaths become those of two beloved family members instead of strangers or acquaintances, Comfort begins a different journey. She thinks she knows everything there is to know about grief, but when she loses her great-uncle, her great-great aunt, and her dog all in the course of six months...things become chaotic. Emotionally turbulent. Comfort doesn’t know how to deal with what life is throwing at her. First she loses people that are close to her, and then her best friend Declaration begins changing--acting strange--hanging around with different kids--even teasing and tormenting her. This is a novel about how to cope with all of life’s difficulties.

2005 National Book Award finalist
Golden Kite Honor Book
Bank Street Fiction Award
E.B. White Read-Aloud Award
Booksense Top-Ten Pick
Borders Bookstores "Original Voice"
Junior Library Guild selection
IRA-CBC Children's Choice
Arizona Young Reader Award Master List
Indiana Young Hoosiers Master List
Iowa Choice Master List
Virginia Readers' Choice List
Texas Bluebonnet Master List
Vermont Dorothy Canfield Fisher Master List
Tennessee Volunteer Master List
Maine Student Book Award Master List
Rhode Island Student Book Award Master List
Kansas -- William Allen White Student Book Award Master List
Alabama Emphasis on Reading Student Book Award Master List
Delaware Blue Hen Book Award Master List
New Hampshire Cochecho Reader's Award Nominee
New Hampshire Great Stone Face Award Master List
Kentucky Bluegrass Award Nominee
Kentucky Rebecca Caudill Award Nominee
Hawaii Nene Award Master List
California Young Reader Medal Master List

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