Sunday, February 25, 2007

Storm Thief

Wooding, Chris. 2006. Storm Thief.

Orokos is a chaotic place to live--but it’s also the only place to live--at least that is what everyone young and old has always been told. But is that just one of the many secrets or lies that is being told to the public by the Protectorate? Rail and Moa are our young hero and heroine whose lives depend on what they don’t know. In this futuristic society there are three kinds of people: the wealthy citizens who live in fine houses, the so-called ‘worthless’ contained in the ghettoes, and the Taken. Rail and Moa are from the ghettoes. Forced into a criminal lifestyle to survive--everyone from the ghettoes has to make hard choices--Rail and Moa are thieves on a mission. But when they decide to deceive their boss--the crime lord in this ring of thieves--they have more trouble than they ever could have imagined. STORM THIEF is an action-packed book full of surprises. Facing a wide range of enemies and dangers--both natural and supernatural--the two have only one another to rely least until they find a community offering a different hope for the future.

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