Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Penny From Heaven

Holm, Jennifer. 2006. Penny From Heaven

Barbara Ann Falucci is eleven going on twelve. Half-Italian, she splits her time between visiting her Italian Catholic side of the family and her mother’s side of the family that were just ‘plain American’ and Methodist. The sides don’t necessarily get along well together. Called ‘Penny’ ever since she could remember, she is enjoying living life to the fullest in the summer of 1953. Playing with her cousin Frankie, listening to ball games with her Uncle Dominic, and surviving her sometimes chaotic life at home with her mom and her grandparents--Pop-pop and Me-Me. Not to mention her dog, Scarlett O’Hara who has a way of making life even more messy--literally. But life is good. This is a family-friendly title. Full of life’s ups and downs. An enjoyable treat. And definitely worthy of the Newbery Honor.

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