Sunday, February 18, 2007


Boyce, Frank Cottrell. 2006. Framed.

Framed is a fun little adventure set in Wales. In a somewhat boring town where not enough news happens in a week that makes it worth the while to publish, Dylan and his family accidentally add more life and flair to life than the town has seen in generations. Dylan’s family owns a gas station. But with the town losing its residents quickly--Dylan finds himself the only boy left in town--business isn’t going well. But all that changes when strange cars and vans begin going up the mountain. What could all those cars be doing going to the abandoned mines? Why are they fencing the top of the mountain off? Is it a new criminal hideout? Or are they hiding a priceless treasure of their own? Dylan and his family flirt with the criminal lifestyle in this often funny novel.

HarperCollin's Author Page on Frank Cottrell Boyce
Frank Cottrell Boyce is a screenwriter whose films include Welcome to Sarajevo, Hilary and Jackie, 24 Hour Party People, and Millions, which was also his first book. Framed was inspired by a news story he’d read in an old scrapbook: During the Second World War, a collection of valuable paintings from the National Gallery was hidden in a slate mine for safekeeping. He couldn’t resist imagining how all of that great art might have affected the people who lived near the mine. Mr. Cottrell Boyce lives with his wife and seven children in Liverpool, England.

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