Monday, February 12, 2007

Black Mirror

Werlin, Nancy. 2001. Black Mirror.

As Black Mirror begins, the reader meets Frances, a teen girl who is struggling with accepting her brother’s tragic death from a drug overdose. Both were attending the prestigious private school--on scholarship--Pettengill. Unity. Patrick Leyden. The man whose ‘generous’ nature has led him to not only start such ‘excellent’ educational endeavors as Pettengill School, but whose other charities involve feeding and clothing the poor and homeless. Who could not love such a man? A young man. An attractive man? Frances, that’s who! Frances from the young age of fourteen has distrusted Mr. Leyden. Distrusted Unity. Watching her brother worship Mr. Leyden is almost more than she could stand. Seeing him hang on his every word while at the same time living a dangerous drug-filled lifestyle. Is there a connection that most cannot grasp? How could such an ‘involved’ young man become addicted to drugs? As Frances tries to track down the ‘why’ of her brother’s exciting and dangerous adventure begins.

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