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18th and 19th Century Women Writers Reading Challenge

18th and 19th Women Writers Reading Challenge
Hosted by Becky of Becky's Book Reviews
Minimum 2 books;
All of 2010

Sign up by leaving a comment.

Read books written by women authors that were written and/or published between 1700 and 1900. Contemporary historical books set in this time period do not count towards this challenge! The challenge is to encourage you to read some classics.

Here is a place where you can get ideas, but be careful, the list includes some authors who won't count. (The site lists authors based on when they were born. So on the 1801-1900 list, for example, you might find women authors who were born in this time but didn't begin writing and publishing their books until the twentieth century.)

Celebration of Women Writers 1801-1900
Celebration of Women Writers 1701-1800

Overlaps with other challenges allowed.

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Michelle Stockard Miller 10:38 PM  

I am seriously considering signing up for this one, but I'll come back later to make it official!

I just wanted to stop by and give you this award:

Unknown 11:53 PM  

I just joined!

Megan 7:59 PM  

I'm in! This sounds like a great challenge.

Ash 11:17 PM  

I am doing this challengeeeeee! This is my favorite genre anyway, so it's really not challenging, but I'm still excited.

Susan 7:40 AM  

HI Becky - sign me up! I might actually finish the Women's challenge for this year :-) too! lol I'm determined to read more classics. I love this one. Thanks!

Kals 1:18 AM  

I've joined!

Heidenkind 1:21 AM  

I probably shouldn't join another challenge, but I can't resist this one--especially since I can overlap it with a few of my other challenges. I'm in! ^_^

Shona 12:27 PM  

I am in. This is my first time with A to Z Challenge. Really excited. Here's the post

Shona 12:51 PM  

Sorry Becky gave the wrong link ..That's the problem with doing multiple things at the same time :) My link for this challenge is here

Anonymous,  1:10 PM  

This is a great challenge, I'm definitely in. My shelf has several new books I bought this year that would qualify, plus there are others I have been meaning to read for some time. This challenge will be the perfect push!

Anonymous,  9:23 PM  

Count me in, this is great.

Anonymous,  2:34 PM  

I'm joining in

Sherrie 11:56 AM  

I would love to join this reading challenge. I have my books listed and linked back to you. They are in my sidebar. Have a great day!

Just Books

Contemplations of Reader 6:21 PM  

Hey ya'll,

This sounds very intriguing and there are a lot of unknown or little know writers at that time. I look forward to participating.

Aarti 12:02 PM  

Oh, dear. This sounds right up my alley! I wonder... I will be rereading Persuasion next year, I think, so it would just involve one more book!

vvb32 reads 12:53 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous,  5:09 PM  

This is so cool! I always get excited when I find a new, old book! Focusing on women authors is a great idea! I'm in!!!

Brittanie 8:49 PM  

Thanks for coming up and hosting this challenge. Here is the link to my post.

Anonymous,  10:55 AM  

Hi Becky, Iam joining the challenge, here is the link:

Anonymous,  6:46 PM  

Hi becky, sorry to bother you, I see in the list my link as Msumana, but if you click there, you will see that blog is empty, my current blog is "I Read" at
so, if you can kindly update.

Trisha 9:52 PM  

I'm in! Awesome challenge.

Shannon C. 12:14 PM  

I'm in! I need to read more classics.

Here's my sign-up post.

Leya 10:00 AM  

I had a blast with the 2009 one, and I cannot wait to start the 2010.

My sign-up post is here.

Molly 11:20 AM  

I failed miserably with the 2009 event :( I am glad that you are offering this challenge again. Hopefully I can redeem myself in 2010.

Unknown 5:49 PM  

Count me in! My post can be found here!

Stephanie Allen 11:33 AM  

I'm so in!

Aleksandra 9:44 AM  

Sign me up!

Aleksandra 10:17 AM  

Sign me up!

Mel u 5:57 PM  

please sign me up!

animlgrl 11:42 AM  

Sign me up! This sounds like a fun and reasonable challenge! :)

Kelly 2:27 AM  

Me too please. Kelly

Jules 11:05 PM  

I'm in! Here's a link to my challenge post.

P.S you'll probably be sick of me by the end of the night.

Sharon 9:01 PM  

I would love to try this challenge again in 2010! You'll find my blog post here:

Kristen 7:57 AM  

I have quite a few potentials on my shelves so I'm going to join in in hopes that I actually get to some of them this year!

Anonymous,  10:53 AM  

I'm joining this challenge. My list of books is at this link.

from the desk of a writer

Thanks for hosting!

Margot 3:02 PM  

Please count me as a participant. I posted my commitment to four to six books on my blog today. I'm looking forward to this year in reading.

My post is at Joyfully Retired

Maria Grazia 3:25 AM  

Consider me in! Just give me few days to choose which/how many books and which women writers . I'll post my list of tasks as soon as possible and let you know, Becky.Maria Grazia.

My blog is

Susan 12:38 PM  

I'm in. My post is here.

Unknown 2:22 PM  

Sorry I am so late on joining. I have had it posted but I guess I forgot to tell you that I am joining. Here is my link:

Laurie 11:49 PM  

I'd love to join in- here's my post about the challenge:

Miss Moppet 4:28 PM  

This is perfect for me! Here's my signup post, with ideas about what I might read:

Maria Grazia 3:34 PM  

Here I am again! I've just posted about the challenge adding my list.

Journey 5:03 PM  

I'm loving this challenge! I'm in!

Here's my blog

Melissa Wiebe 3:24 PM  

I am joining the challenge. Just posted about the challenge and am adding to the list.

Katherine 10:46 PM  

I love 19th century literature. Please count me in.
I'll be reading Jane Austen's Emma and Elizabeth Gaskell's Wives and Daughters.

My blog:

schatzi 3:24 AM  

I couldn't resist and had to sign up!

schatzi @ the stacks my destination:

Sara 5:58 PM  


I'd love to sign up for this challenge - have signed up for the 100 novels challenge as well.

My blog is at

I don't know how to put your sign on my blog yet - would appreciate some help!!

Becky 9:14 AM  

Sarariches, if you'd like to have the banner (picture) for the challenge, you can save image as, download it to your computer, upload to your blog post.

Anonymous,  2:19 PM  

I indicated above I'm interested in participating (with a link to my read list) and I son't see myself in the list of participants? I also can't tell where to leave my review link for the first novel off my list: Jane Eyre ??

Here's the hyperlink:

Sorry if there's Mr. Linky somewhere. I can't find it...

All the best,

from the desk of a writer

Michelle Stockard Miller 3:52 AM  

I finally completed my sign up post, here:


Scrumptious 8:04 PM  

I am really excited about this challenge! I've picked a very modest number of books - 2 - to start with, since (except for my constant Jane Austen rereads) it's rare for me to even read a single book from this time period in a year. And my reading history definitely has a deficit in women authors from that period.

I've been wanting to read Frankenstein for a long, long time, so hopefully this year will be the year! Thanks for hosting such a great challenge!

Christina T 2:25 PM  

This sounds like a great challenge to make me read some of those classics I've got on my TBR list.

So far I am planning to read:

1. Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell
2. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell
3. Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte
4. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
5. The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

DeeAnn 2:26 PM  

I hope it is not too late to join. I have posted on my blog, which is not just a reading blog, but here it is:

allthedoodahday (dot) blogspot (dot) com


Maria Grazia 4:41 PM  


Sherrie 11:09 AM  

I just posted my review of my first book for this challenge. Little Men - Louisa May Alcott. Have a great day!

Just Books

Anonymous,  10:56 PM  

Just finished Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.

Melissa Wiebe 2:47 AM  

Just finished Sense & Sensibility.

Trisha 10:45 AM  

Read The Awakening by Kate Chopin, and my review is here.

Anonymous,  9:04 PM  

Read Villette this month. My review is here:

Anonymous,  8:32 PM  

I've decided to join! I want to read more classics instead of just sticking to my normal contemporary authors. :D

Kristy Sherrod 1:58 AM  

I would love to join! Here is my link:

Coffee & Literature: 2010 Challenges

Maria Grazia 4:38 PM  

Second task completed: Villette by Charlotte Bronte

Anonymous,  6:35 PM  

I finally wrote my review to my first book read, it's here:

Carolyn 12:34 AM  

I've reviewed both Villette by Charlotte Bronte and Wives & Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell, here.

Laurie 11:56 PM  

Here's my reviews thus far:

Lady Audely's Secret, by Mary Braddon (1862)

The Beth Book, by Sarah Grand (1897)

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