Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Celebrate the Author (2010)

Celebrate the Author
Hosted by Becky of Becky's Book Reviews
12 Books, 12 Months
January - December 2010

The challenge is designed to “celebrate” author birthdays. Choose one author for each month of the year. Read at least one book a month. 12 authors. 12 birthdays. If you like, you can read MORE than that. Read the books IN ANY ORDER YOU LIKE. As long as you've got one book representing an author birthday from each month of the year by the end, then you're good.

You can choose picture books, poetry books, early readers, chapter books, fiction for middle grades, fiction for teens, adult reads, nonfiction, whatever you want.

The challenge is designed to ‘celebrate’ the special bond–the connection–that occurs between the author AND the reader as well as the connection between readers. It is very easy to “bond” with other readers over certain works, certain authors, etc. To find out author birthdays, visit these helpful sites:

Author birthdays by date (pdf), author birthdays by name (pdf),,, author birthday directory, etc.

Or conduct google searches of your own. (Hint: typing the authors name, a “+” and the word ‘birthday’, tends to work if you assume that wikipedia gets such things right.)

No lists are necessary. You can make a list if you like. But you *don't* have to make a list and stick to it.

Sign up by leaving a comment.

If you'd like other participants to keep track of your progress, then I'd suggest having one post on your blog where you keep an as-you-go list. (If you don't have a blog, then don't worry about it! You're still welcome to join in on the fun.)

© Becky Laney of Becky's Book Reviews


Megan said...

I'd like to sign up!


Marilu said...

Count me in! Thanks! I will post about this on my blog.....which I have just started in order to keep track of!

Marilu said...

ok I tried posting it, and it appears to have worked! I am very new to this whole blog!

Unknown said...

I'm in. Just posted my list.

Kals said...

This is a great challenge! I'm in.

Here's my list:

AlleluiaLu said...

I've been wondering how to find out when authors' birthdays are...thanks. I'm in for this challenge. Here's the link to my blog:
I'll post about the challenge and come back and leave that link.
Thanks for hosting this!

AlleluiaLu said...

Okay, I've done it. Here's the post on my blog about the challenge:

I'm looking forward to celebrating with all of you!

kim in ohio said...

I am glad to see this one again.
kim in ohio

Robin M said...

Sign me up - looks like a great challenge. I'll blog about it before the beginning of the year. :)

Grilsgood said...

This and Every Month is a holiday are my favorite challenges. I am in.

Contemplations of Reader said...

Hi! Think this would be a great challenge. I look forward to it.

Nise' said...

Count me in on this one as well! Just finished up the 2009 challenge. Will get my post up shortly.

Veggiemomof2 said...

I'm in! I'll start a list in January!

Kara said...

I'm in again next year!!

Here is my post:

Thanks for hosting this challenge again next year!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to doing this one again! My post can be found here:

Thanks for hosting again!

Janet said...

Count me in for this one too.

Rachel said...

I'd like to sihn up!

Erin said...

I don't usually do challenges, but this one sounds too good to pass up! I'm in! :)

Celebrate the Author @ The Wobbly Bookstack

J.C. said...

I am updating my dedicated challenge page now.

I have linked back to this page in case others find it fun and want to do it too. Like who wouldn't?? :-)

The Biblio Brat's challenge page

inurehaecceity said...

In! Katie @ abecedarian amphigory

Amanda said...

Ok I just have to take part in this one as I can see that I can make this fit with homeschooling and private tutoring next year. I guess that means I might end up taking part at least 3 times with different age groups (me an adult, Dan - 15 and private tuition pupils (5-12).
Thank you so much for this one as it will help me with my planning for the new school year and help me inspire my son and students. It will also give me an excuse to read A LOT:D

Amanda said...

I thought I'd better post where I'll be taking part in this challenge with my son and private tuition students.
These will be kids books, teen and young adult. I'll also be including extra activities etc because they'll be part of my school year. I can't wait:D

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try again Becky! Thanks for doing this one again =)

Anonymous said...

This sounds so fun! I plan on keeping my list in my sidebar for now, but here is a link to the post where I talk about this challenge!

PiperML said...

I'd love to join in. Thanks!

krin said...

I'm in!

Celebrate the Author Challenge 2010

Devon said...

Sign me up,,,it sounds like a fun challenge to do...

Devon said...

I posted last night I am in today I posted my list of authors on my

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

Here I am with my sign up...finally!

Thanks Becky!


Rachel said...

I'm a late sign-up!

Nikki said...

Here's the link to my blog post. Starting late, but just happened to read a January author in January.

Celebrate the Author

Unknown said...

Completed the challenge!

Grilsgood said...

Love this challenge but no blog so here goes

Jan 1 Green, Jane Swapping Lives
Feb 25 Saul, John Black Creek Crossing
26 Wiggs, Susan The Ocean Between Us
12 Blume, Judy God, it is me Margaret
Mar 28 Krentz, Jayne Ann Fired UP
12 Brown, Sandra Adam's Fall
Apr 7 Irish Johansen Deadlock
24 Grafton, Sue U is for Undertow
May 26 Sally Ride Camp, Carole Ann Sally Ride
5 Fairstein, Linda hell's Gate
Jun 16 Erich Segal Love Story
14 Yep, Lawrence The Ghost Fox
Jul 11 E B White; Stuart Little
11 E. B. White, Charlotte's Web
Aug 3, Howard, Linda Cover of Night
29 Hese, Karen Out of the Dust
Sep 25 Luanne Rice The Edge of Winter
17 Levine, Gail Carson The Fairy's Mistake
Oct 10 Nora Roberts Affair Royale
2, 1800 – November 11, Griffin, Judith Berry Nat Turner
Nov 27, Noah Charney The Art Thief
11, Kehret, Peg I am Not Who You Think I am
Dec 31 Sparks, NHicholas 3 weeks with my Brother

AlleluiaLu said...

I ALMOST read an author for every month -- some I read two for one month -- but no June...arrgghh!

Anyway, here is my post:

This was really fun! Thanks for hosting!