Sunday, December 06, 2009

Library Loot: Second Week in December

Well, I made it to the library! I was so excited to go since it had been a few weeks. I tried to restrain myself. I do hope to make it through most of these. But we'll see.

Mr. Knightley's Diary by Amanda Grange

Note: I really enjoyed Colonel Brandon's Diary...let's see if I enjoy this one too!

The Original Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus: Two New Versions: Mary Shelley's Earliest Draft and Percy Shelley's Revised Text.

Note: How could I not check this one out?!

A Quiet Adjustment by Benjamin Markovits

Note: Once I knew this one was about Lord Byron--well some of the women in his life, I just had to have it.

An Accomplished Woman by Jude Morgan

Note: A Regency romance that looks like it's too fun to be missed.

How Beautiful The Ordinary: Twelve Stories of Identity, edited by Michael Cart

Note: I'm typically not a big fan of short stories. But. This collection looked blog-worthy to me. Like I might be missing out on something if I passed it up. So I'll give it a go and see.

Genesis by Bernard Beckett

Note: I remember reading about this one somewhere--I just can't remember who should get credit! Oh well. It looks like it will be a good fit for me. Just mention dystopia and postapocalyptic and I'm there.

Never After by Dan Elconin

Note: Looked interesting.

The Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis by Barbara O'Connor

Note: My library finally got a copy in of this Cybils-nominee!

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Unknown said...

i started reading the frankestien

the letter1 is interesting .....and seems to be a prologue for what to come.

i generally love books like sea faring and expeditions can you send me some of these kind of books list

thanking you.