Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Dani Noir (MG)

Suma, Nova Ren. 2009. Dani Noir. Simon & Schuster. 272 pages.

A slow fade-in on my life...

Dani is a young teen (13) struggling with her parents' divorce. To escape from reality, she chooses to go to the movies. A lot. There's a movie house close by that shows only old films, classics, black-and-white films. Dani enjoys watching Rita Hayworth. She's the best. The absolute best. At least according to Dani. When we first meet Dani, she's trying to avoid going to stay at her dad's house for the weekend. Her dad is newly engaged. (Though Dani doesn't know that until after she gets there.) And Dani doesn't know how to deal. With her would-be stepmother and stepsister. She'd rather lose herself in a good noir film. Where there are mysteries to solve. And where you can never quite be sure if a person is good or bad.

In addition to her angsty home life, Dani gets caught up in the love life of her babysitter. She begins to worry that her babysitter's boyfriend is cheating. (Just like her dad cheated on her mom.) This situation mirrors her own--in a way--she doesn't know if she should tell, or hint, or let it go since it isn't any of "her" business anyway.

During all this mess, Dani herself is being courted. Though she's truly the last to know! Life and love sure can be complicated at times. But a good movie always helps.

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Unknown said...

ya reta hayworth is the best.

she looks grat in blood and sand

and gilda

check this link

Ash said...

This actually looks pretty good. I love the cover (I totally judge books by their covers).

Anonymous said...

A teen girl who loves Rita Hayworth - now that is interesting! I have to agree that she was absolutely smokin' hot in Gilda.