Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You Are So Undead To Me (YA)

You Are So Undead To Me. Stacey Jay. 2009. [January 2009]. Penguin. 272 pages.

The cold wind swept across the hill, whistling through the headstones that poked from the ground like dozens of crooked baby teeth. In the sky, a sickly yellow-moon transformed the graveyard's bare trees into guardians made of old, white bone, and somewhere in the distance, an animal screamed.

Megan Berry is a Zombie Settler. Zombies come to her--usually at night--restless, seeking closure. By finding out what is making them so restless, so unhappy--you know, besides the fact that they're dead--she's able to give them peace and send them back to the grave. The grave is then sealed. And all is well with the world, right? Well. Megan's life is about to get messier than that. As if having zombies interrupt your date night wasn't bad enough. Someone is out to get Megan. Someone practicing black magic or black arts. Can Megan find out who this someone is in time? Or is the Homecoming Dance doomed to a bloody end?

For those interested in anything and everything supernatural. Especially those who can't get enough supernatural romances, You Are So Undead to Me is a good choice. It's a quick read, a light one.

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