Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2012 Challenges: War Through the Generations, WWI

Even though I didn't do so well on this year's challenge--the Civil War--I am joining next year's challenge which focuses on World War I. I am DEFINITELY planning on rereading one of my favorite, favorite, favorite books ever--Rilla of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery.

I am joining at the wade level which commits me to at least four books.

1. And The Soldiers Sang. J. Patrick Lewis. Illustrated by Gary Kelley. 2011. Creative Editions. 32 pages.
2. My Brother's Shadow. Monika Schroder.
3. All Our Worldly Goods. Irene Nemirovsky.
4. Hattie Big Sky. Kirby Larson.
5. Day of the Assassins. (Jack Christie #1) Johnny O'Brien. 2009. Candlewick. 224 pages.
6. Yesterday's Dead. Pat Bourke. 2012. Second Story Press. 232 pages.
7. Dear America: The Diary of Lydia Amelia Pierce, Like the Willow Tree, Portland Maine, 1918. Lois Lowry. 2011. Scholastic. 224 pages.
8. War Horse. Michael Morpurgo. 1982/2010. Scholastic. 176 pages.
9. Rilla of Ingleside. L.M. Montgomery. 1921. 280 pages.
10. Moon Over Manifest. Clare Vanderpool. 2010. October 2010. Random House. 368 pages.

Books I've read that I'd recommend,

Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson (fiction)
The War to End All Wars by Russell Freedman (nonfiction)
Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool
Crossing Stones by Helen Frost
Rilla of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery
Best Bad Luck I Ever Had by Kristin Levine
Winnie's War by Jenny Moss

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Serena said...

Thanks for signing up for the WWI challenge in 2012. We look forward to your reviews and if you are interested, we'll be reading A Farewell to Arms as a group read mid-year!

Anna said...

I still have to finish up my own challenge, so don't feel bad. Glad you'll be joining us next year!

Anonymous said...

Remembrance, by Theresa Breslin is a good book from this time period.