Friday, December 02, 2011

The Death Cure (YA)

The Death Cure. James Dashner. 2011. Random House. 324 pages.

It was the smell that began to drive Thomas slightly mad. Not being alone for over three weeks. Not the white walls , ceiling, and floor. Not the lack of windows or the fact that they never turned off the lights. None of that. 

The Death Cure concludes James Dashner's Maze Runner trilogy. The first two books are The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials.

What can I say? I would NOT recommend beginning any trilogy with the last book, the books MUST be read in order. And anything I say here about the third book would spoil the first two in the series!

Like the previous books in the series, it is compelling and action-packed. It is also very complex. It's not enough to have two or three twists and turns. It always, always, always keeps you guessing. If you want all the answers neatly given to you, then this one won't be for you.

It had only been a year since I read the previous books, but, I think I would have appreciated this one more if I'd taken the time to reread the books. I think the books may work best if they are read close together. Which is only natural. Since they're so intense, since you're left wanting more, wanting answers, needing to know what happens next...

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JenStorySnoop said...

I love this series and couldn't agree more that they should be read as close together as possible. Can't wait for the prequel next summer!!!