Friday, December 30, 2011

Year In Review: 52 Book of the Weeks

What I've done is gone through my 'Sunday Salon' posts of the past year where I shared my week's reading. I picked my favorite-and-best from each week. These books may not have ended up in that month's top five, but these are the best books I read week by week by week. I chose to focus on middle grade through adult.

1. Dash & Lily's Book of Dares. Rachel Cohn & David Levithan.
2. Five Flavors of Dumb. Antony John.
3. Strong Poison. Dorothy L. Sayers.
4. Murder at the Vicarage. A Miss Marple Mystery. Agatha Christie.
5. Pathfinder. Orson Scott Card.
6. Mrs. Mike: "The Heartwarming Classic Story of the Boston Girl Who Married A Rugged Canadian Mountie." by Benedict & Nancy Freedman.
7. Divergent. Veronica Roth.
8. Our Mutual Friend. Charles Dickens.
9. North and South. Elizabeth Gaskell.
10. Little Dorrit. Charles Dickens.
11. The Small House at Allington. Anthony Trollope.
12. Nightlight: A Parody. The Harvard Lampoon.
13. Mansfield Park. Jane Austen.
14. Persuasion. Jane Austen
15. Matched. Ally Condie.
16. The Pilgrimage: The Unforgettable SF Masterpiece of the Strangers Among Us: The First Book of The People. Zenna Henderson
17. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. C.S. Lewis.
18. The Land of the Silver Apples. Nancy Farmer.
19. East Wind: West Wind. Pearl S. Buck.
20. Kinfolk. Pearl S. Buck.
21. The Pickwick Papers. Charles Dickens.
22. The Virginian. Owen Wister.
23. The Golden Spiders. Rex Stout.
24. The Cat Who Could Read Backwards. Lilian Jackson Braun.
25. Doggirl. Robin Brande.
26. The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic. Jennifer Trafton.
27. To Dream in the City of Sorrows. (Babylon 5: Book #9). Kathryn M. Drennan.
28. Trauma Queen. Barbara Dee.
29. Withering Tights. Louise Rennison.
30. The Light Princess. George MacDonald.
31. My Theodosia. Anya Seton.
32. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. E. L. Konigsburg.
33. The Colonel's Lady. Laura Frantz.
34. Into the Parallel. Robin Brande.
35. Wrapped. Jennifer Bradbury.
36. The Five Red Herrings. Dorothy L. Sayers.
37. Home to Harmony. Philip Gulley.
38. Mister Creecher. Chris Priestly.
39. The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
40. The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. Ree Drummond.
41. The Woman in White. Wilkie Collins
42. Wonderland Creek. Lynn Austin.
43. Jake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow. James Rollins.
44. Alice I Have Been. Melanie Benjamin.
45 The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus #2). Rick Riordan.
46. The Sunne in Splendour: "A fascinating portrait of the controversial King Richard III--a monarch betrayed in life by his allies and betrayed in death by history." by Sharon Kay Penman.
47. The Two Towers. J.R.R. Tolkien.
48. Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte.
49. The Nine Tailors. Dorothy L. Sayers.
50. Doomsday Book. Connie Willis.
51. The Help by Kathryn Stockett
52. The Future of Us. Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler.

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Cleo Li-Schwartz said...

My favorite book of the year was The Tiger's Wife. Have you read it?