Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sunday Salon: Week in Review #48

This week at Becky's Book Reviews:

Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte. 1847.  300 pages.
The Death Cure. James Dashner. 2011. Random House. 324 pages.
A Shilling for Candles. Josephine Tey. 1936. 240 pages. 

And just in case you missed this little announcement, I am hoping to have people join me in reading OR rereading Connie Willis' Doomsday Book this December! Here is how I described the book in my first review:
It was incredibly compelling. It was intense, emotional, and impossible to put down. The writing was as great as I expected. Willis does a wonderful job with her characters. They feel very real--very human. The setting--the world building--is also amazing. She does a great job building the past--the fourteenth century--and the "present" which is a time-traveling future. (The story alternates between past and present.) She blends mystery, science fiction, and historical fiction--and blends them well!

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