Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Tale of Holly How

Tale of Holly How (The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter #2) Susan Wittig Albert. 2005. 320 pages. [Source: Library]

I definitely enjoyed The Tale of Holly How by Susan Wittig Albert. It is the second book in her Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter mystery series. I think the book will appeal to adults with an interest in historical fiction, cozy mysteries, animals (especially cats and dogs), and children's literature. The series stars Beatrix Potter and a LARGE cast of animals. So glad my mom recommended reading this series. She actually started reading me quotes from a book in this series.

So there are at least two or three mysteries in The Tale of Holly How. One involves a local murder. One involves badger-baiting and missing sheep. One involves fraud and attempted murder. I found it interesting that the narration is so varied. Sometimes animals are narrating the story, passing along clues, putting it all together and solving things. Other times it's the humans at work narrating the story. Sometimes commenting on the animals' strange-to-them behavior. It was interesting to see the village setting and all the relationships. It has a very COZY feel to it. And it's just so PLEASANT to read.

I look forward to reading more in the series.

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Denise said...

This series intrigues Me,esp.this time of Year. I plan to pick it up today-Thank You for suggesting it.I'm also hoping to receive the Brambly Hedge new book as a Christmas gift or buying it Myself after Christmas.I have always loved Brambly hedge stories.