Sunday, December 06, 2015

2016 Challenges: Victorian Bingo (Signing up for my own challenge)

Victorian Reading Challenge
Host: Becky's Book Reviews
Duration: January - December 2016
Goal: Get at least one bingo, five books minimum
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The categories:

  • American male author
  • Anthony Trollope
  • Book That Has Been Adapted Into A Movie
  • Charles Dickens
  • American female author
  • Book published 1871-1880
  • Book about property, inheritance, economics
  • Children's book of your choice
  • Mystery, suspense, sensation
  • Book published 1837-1849
  • Book published 1881-1890
  • Wilkie Collins
  • Book by a European Author
  • Book with a name as the title
  • Book published 1861-1870
  • Book published 1891-1901
  • Book about courtship or marriage
  • Book of your choice
  • Speculative Fiction (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Time Travel, etc.)
  • Book published 1850-1860
  • British Female Author
  • Fiction book set during the Victorian era
  • Book or Movie about Queen Victoria
  • Nonfiction book about the Victorian era
  • British Male Author  
 Becky's Fulfilled Categories:

American Male Author: 
Joan of Arc. Mark Twain. 1895/1896. 452 pages. [Source: Library] MEDIEVAL FRANCE (Adult)
Book or Movie About Queen Victoria:
British Female Author
North and South. Elizabeth Gaskell. 1854-1855. 452 pages. [Source: Bought] ADULT, CLASSIC, ROMANCE  
American Female Author
Hans Brinker, Or, The Silver Skates. Mary Mapes Dodge. 1865. 244 pages. [Source: Bought]  MG ADVENTURE, COMING OF AGE
Fiction book set during the Victorian era
The Sins of the Wolf (William Monk #5). Anne Perry. 1995. 436 pages. [Source: Library] [historical mystery, series book] 

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun challenge! I spotted it over at Margaret's blog, BooksPlease. I don't think I'll join in formally since I'm rotten at sticking to challenges, but I shall use it as a check at the end of the year to see how many boxes I completed. Thanks for creating the card!

Anonymous said...

I completed 1 Bingo on the card in 2016 and hope to continue working towards another in 2017. Elizabeth (aka Eilis and many other nicknames.)

Q1: Male American Author
Nathaniel Hawthorne
The House Of The Seven Gables

I’ve always loved Hawthorne’s short stories but hated The Scarlet Letter and could never drag myself through Seven Gables until this November. Hawthorne’s melancholia matched mine and his commentary on dark secrets, deceiving appearances, and opportunism seemed highly appropriate.

Q2: Anthony Trollope
The Warden

Pleasantly surprised by this after trying and failing to get through the first Palliser novel a few times over the years since the Susan Hampshire miniseries aired on PBS

Q3: Adapted into a Movie
Charles Dickens
A Christmas Carol
Watched Scrooge-with Alistair Sims

Interesting to see how much the movie filled in and how well the adaptation caught the Dickens style.

Q4: Charles Dickens
A Tale Of Two Cities

When reading this in January, I was struck by how similar the mood of this country seemed to be to that of the people of France in the Terror.

Q5: Female American Author
Sarah Orne Jewett
The Country Of The Pointed Fir And Other Stories

A lovely evocation of old Maine