Monday, December 14, 2015

House Without A Christmas Tree

House Without a Christmas Tree. Gail Rock. 1974. 84 pages. [Source: Bought]

Carla Mae and I were sitting in our little kitchen at the old wooden table, with our spoons poised in mid-air. In front of each of us was a hard-boiled egg perched in an egg cup. We both stared intently at the faces we had drawn on our eggs. The longer the stare, the better the hex. "Who's yours today?" she asked. "Billy Wild," I said, making a face. 

The House Without a Christmas Tree is a nice holiday read. Addie Mills is the ten-year-old heroine in the novel. As Christmas approaches, she has one thing on her mind. Will this be the year that her Father gives in her begging--her pleading, her imploring--and buys a Christmas tree? Or will this be another disappointing Christmas season? She can't ever recall having a tree of her very own. She's not sure she completely believes her father's excuse that since they'll be spending Christmas day at her uncle's house--and he has a tree--that there is no need for a tree of their own. Her grandmother is on her side. But both seem a bit timid, and hesitant, to speak their full minds in front of Father.

Here are some other things it's nice to know about Addie:
  • She is best, best friends with Carla Mae.
  • She is worst friends with Tanya Smithers.
  • She definitely does not like-like Billy Wild. (Or does she?)
  • She loves her Grandma, and feels fiercely protective of her.
  • She loves but does not understand her Father at all.
  • She feels very misunderstood by her Father.
  • She's curious about the mother she never knew.
The book is set in a small town in 1946.

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Ms. Yingling said...

Squee! I have three books in this series in my library- all first editions! They still circulate occasionally. I remember being allowed to stay up to watch the tv shows, some of which are on YouTube. Jason Robards, very badly videotaped!